Attribute Words

1) Ideation

After a consultation with the client dozens of attribute words are brainstormed. Four or five keywords are selected that best capture what the client wants to communicate visually.

2) Brainstorming

Keywords are used to create branching associations in the form of mindmaps. The words on these mindmaps will provide the raw visual stable data for the final project.

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3) Thumbnails

Dozens of thumbnails are drawn using the words and concepts generated from the mind map. Some thumbnails are fully formed poster concepts with captions, others are ideas or impressions.

4) Concept Sketches

The most promising thumbnails are selected for further exploration. Three to five 8.5" by 11" sketches are drawn and shown to the client. The client then selects their two or three favorites.

Tile Design Tile Design Tile Design
Customizability Customizability

5) Semi-tights

The client's favorite sketches are digitally rendered in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Logo, logotype, and captions are put in position. The client chooses their favorite for the final design.

6) Final Project

The semi-tight is refined for final delivery. Colors, resolution, and fonts are optimized, and visual elements are lined up and balanced.

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